Non  Ferrous

Copper is a soft, ductile red metal. It is used as a conductor of electricity, a building material, and a component of alloys.
Aluminium is an extremely light metal. It is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust making up about 8% of the Earth’s solid surface.
Nickel is a hard, ductile white metal. It is considered a rare metal and is used in Stainless Steel production and electronic manufacturing.
Lead is a soft, heavy metal. It has a grey colour and is most commonly utilised in construction, lead-acid batteries, shot, counter-weights, ballast and as a constituent part of solders.
Zinc is a light, grey metal. It is the 24th most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust. It is most commonly used in the construction industry and as a counter-balance in the automotive industry.


Iron is a grey, silvery metal. It is magnetic, though different allotropes of iron have different magnetic qualities.  Pure iron is soft and very malleable and is able to stretch a lot, while steel (iron mixed with a little carbon) is stronger and does not stretch as much as iron.